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This is the website for the Nordic Adventure Therapy & Outdoor Education Network. We also have a Facebook group with the same name where our day-to-day communication takes place.

The Nordic countries and autonomous regions are, as you may know, Denmark, the Farao Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The combined area of these countries is almost 3,5 million square kilometers, and if we were one nation it would make us the 7th largest country in the world. 

The 26 million people living here share to a large extent a similar culture and way of life. Even though the global urbanization tendencies affect our countries as well, pristine wilderness is seldom far away and many of us remain avid outdoor enthusiasts. Here in the north our traditional and simple friluftsliv - life in the open air - still thrives alongside more fast paced and technical activities in nature.

On this website you will find presentations of many of us, and a list of Nordic publications, particularly from the adventure and wilderness therapy field. The Nordic outdoor education field is already well established and higly reputed (with 100´s of papers and books not found here), whilst the adventure therapy focus is quite novel to our corner of the planet.


Nordic Outdoor Therapy Network